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© Kai Vierstra

The Thunder Plinth is a scale model of the spillway located on the Kennebec river dam in downtown Skowhegan, Maine. It is made with 10 bags of concrete and four ButtKicker infrasonic* resonators. The ButtKicker "shakers" are inside of the concrete form, shaking it with thunderous startles originating from the specially tuned ultra-low frequency bass guitar. It picks up it's water flow, not from the Mighty Kennebec, but from the emergency shower located outside of my studio.

*Infrasonic frequencies are the sounds that fall in the range below 20 hertz. They are all the low tones that the human ear cannot hear. Much research is being done to discover the nature of infrasonic frequencies and their effect on humans. What is known is that the essential messages that are carried to and from our brains are done so in the form of infrasonic frequencies. By manipulating these frequencies at a high enough amplitude one can "hack" into the human system, creating cross chatter in the body. Once inside the body these frequencies can create a myriad of effects from "ghosting" (manipulating vision and nerves to create the tell-tale tingling and visual aberrations associated with hauntings) to the "brown sound" (causing the immediate evacuation of the bowels). Even worse than this, and why this technology is so interesting the military is the extremely low tones that can cause the shut down of the body's essential functions resulting in extreme pain and death.