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Buckminster Fuller / Corner Preacher is a sculpture that I made for the roof of my studio in Central Maine. It uses the sound altering properties of the parabolic* reflector to broadcast (shoot)(shout?) a beam of sound in the semi-circle around the corner of the building. This point of focus is controlled by ropes & pulleys located in front of, and above my chair which is situated at the door to my studio. The sound that is heard while standing in the beam is Buckminster Fuller's 1968 lecture at the Skowhegan School of Painting & Sculpture. It was only available for listening on the property, copying is strictly forbidden. It is, therefore, a very special message in so many ways.

1. Of or similar to a parable.
2. Of or having the form of a parabola or paraboloid.

It's defined as this thing that is anchored in two very different worlds. One, the world of parables and the bible. Stories that lay the groundwork for the understanding of all that's good and moral, guidelines for a better world. Two, the world of the parabola and its physical function in the tangible world of science.
This space between 1&2, between faith/morality & physical understanding/reality is what I'm interested in. It's a space that is bridged by both the parobolic (by definition) and Buckminster Fuller (by action & belief).